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We did it

We did it

We realized projects for local countys and tourism bureaus to improve Regional offer MOTORCYCLE IN FREEDOM. They had to promote mountain and economically depressed zones by tourism. We proposed the motor passion (car and motorcycle) to get new markets and new customers.
Offering free road book with specialized itineraries, package tours and "know - how" to the hotel tenders.
Regional tourism web site offering our FREE motorcycle road books
FREE road book of Motorcycle itineraries

"Tra l'Emilia e la Toscana"Motorcycle tours" PDF 2.0 MB


Maranello is Reds' home. Ferrari supercar main plant is here and we started up the raise of "Made in Red" trade mark travelling section.
Moreover we organize a yearly event in the town's main squares (in front of Galleria Ferrari, near "Gestione sportiva Ferrari") to promote tourism by a FREE entry show about sport driving courses.
Maranello hotels - Modena hotels


Our customer sells wedding trip location. We set several experiences: from Middle Age castle caring about burocracy to Ferrari rental for those days. Flowers and witnesses.
You have just to think on how to personalize your offer and we will...
Wedding in Italy, castle booking, Lamborghini rental, burocracy, guests

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